Alsico's business culture


Werken bij Alsico - bedrijfscultuur


Alsico is a 'faminational', an international business with social / family values. 


Alsico uses its full potential when it comes to creativity and knowhow. The company invests in the talents of its employees and encourages them to think about the future of the business.

We give our people responsibilities, freedom, autonomy and trust. To us the employees and the employer are partners at work.


The HR strategy is clearly linked via some ingenious concepts to the overall business strategy. We are strongly committed to training which leads to better business insights and greater customer satisfaction. The focus is very much pointed on change and teamwork, for instance using focus groups and 'change' committee. Our understanding of a firm competence policy, diversity and growth opportunities result in a high loyalty of employees.


Continuously striving for balance within the triangle of work, family and health is reflected in several initiatives:


  • Once a week we exercise during lunchbreak. There is the opportunity to participate with the start to run, or employees can choose to do another excercise: football, fitness, ... zumba
  • The 45 + employment plan, we want to keep our employees to work as long as possible in a pleasant environment
  • We regularly organize corporate parties
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