Independent use of type 2 kneepads with multi penetration level protection

Your choice!


Carpenter and Alsico together have developed the next generation of multi-use knee protection.


Your advantage:


  • Choice between several models
  • Choice between penetration protection levels in one garment and according to your needs on the spot
  • Readily available
  • Already certified
  • Endless combination of several garments
  • Offering multirisk protection (several risks simultaneously)




KPB Allroad 200 KPB Allroad 200 b     KPB Allroad 240 KPB Allroad 240 b
KPB Allroad 200     KPB Allroad 240
KPW Allroad 200  KPW Allroad 200 b     KPW Allroad 240 KPW Allroad 240 b
KPW Allroad 200     KPW Allroad 240

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