Sustainable development


As an industrial enterprise we always aim to be responsible and involved with environmental protection. Alsico is committed to sustainable business by producing in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Sustainability is a priority at Alsico. We want to grow with focus on economic interests, social and environmental progress.
What sustainability means for Alsico:
• Taking its ethical and social responsibility to respect human rights laws, working conditions and the environment
• Staying an attractive business that exudes confidence to the employees, clients and suppliers
• Providing competitive, ethical and innovative solutions to customers and employees
Alsico makes to sustainable development by:

• Making environmentally friendly, comfortable, innovative and protective clothing
• Using renewable natural resources and to promote using them
• Imposing the Ökotex-label to our fabric suppliers. This label guarantees that no materials are used which are harmful to the wearer or for the production
• Reducing transportation costs by delivering directly to the end user or by delivering directly to the production facility
• Reducing packaging, from production to the delivery to the end user
• Reduce the consumption of CO2 significantly both in the design, production and delivery of clothing
• Providing a clean and safe work environment for all employees
Within its policy of sustainability Alsico has a solution to get the clothes at the end of its life cycle and recycle them. For the recycling the clothes are completely shredded, stripped of all non- textile parts (metal, plastic , ... ) and compressed into compact bales. These compact bales are in turn processed into acoustic and thermal insulation material, non-woven felts, geotextiles, paper manufacturing and filling for the furniture industry.

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