In November was Alsico aanwezig op de A+A beurs in Düsseldorf.

Indien u onze workshops heeft gemist kan u hier de presentaties opnieuw bekijken:


The Challenge of sustainability by Alexander Gstettner


Innovation in comfort by Alex Lievens

Protecting against residual risk - DuPont‘s “4 P“ Approach by Elaina Harvey


Different FR fabrics, same standards, different protection by Karin Klein-Hesselink

TenCate is the world’s No. 1 producer of protective fabrics for the manufacturing of safety wear. We supply garment-makers with an extensive range of top-quality and technologically advanced fabrics for use in clothing for fire-fighting, military and police operations, and also for many industrial sectors. Fabrics from TenCate Protective Fabrics are tested continuously throughout the manufacturing process to be sure they meet or exceed the levels of performance required by European norms, ISO, the US federal government and our customers. End use market managers of TenCate provides information and explanation about the materials direct to the end user, based on risk analyze en other PPE requirements to the selection of the best materials; fit for purpose.

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