We are a global leader in the production of protective garments for the electrification industry.

Developing innovative solutions for the electrification industry

we are a global leader in the production of protective garments for the electrification industry

As a global manufacturer focusing on protective clothing for both people and products, we believe we have a unique position to serve the EV Battery & Vehicle Manufacture industry. Our own production manufacturing facilities and a deep knowledge of Cleanroom and PPE garments make us an ideal partner for EV Battery & Vehicle Manufacturers. We are passionate about protecting both the people working in these industries and the products they make. We use the power of innovation to make sure people at work have the confidence to perform. Providing the highest level of safety, comfort, sustainability and reliability to our customers is our goal.

Alsico is committed to supporting the growing electrification industry by making life better for people at work. As a company, we want to contribute to an economy that respects the limits of the planet and guarantees basic social rights. Our performance protects not only our customers, but also our employees and our planet. As such, we have set two ambitious objectives for 2040 : Net Zero+ and Living Wage+

why work with alsico: your trusted partner in protective clothing

At alsico, we're more than just a manufacturer; we're your dedicated partner in ensuring the safety, comfort, and quality of your workforce and products. Here's why you should choose alsico:

guaranteed safe and comfortable solutions

We specialize in providing protective garments for the electrification industry that offer both safety and comfort throughout the entire production process. When you choose alsico, you're choosing peace of mind for your employees.

industrially washable and tested

Our garments are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. They are designed to withstand industrial washing, providing longevity and reliability in demanding environments.

confection know-how

With alsico's deep expertise in garment construction, you can trust in the safety of both your products and your workforce. Our know-how ensures top-quality protective clothing.

alsico: quality, reliability, expertise

At alsico, our brand stands for quality and reliability. We take pride in our expertise in protective clothing and our core values, which prioritize the safety and well-being of your workforce. When you choose alsico, you're choosing a partner that not only delivers superior protective garments but also shares your commitment to excellence.

We invite you to explore our wide range of protective clothing solutions for the electrification industry and experience the alsico difference for yourself. Partner with us for a safer, more comfortable, and sustainable future.