The ultimate combination of stretch and comfort.


ALSIFLEX environments

With exceptional stretch, excellent colour retention and hardwearing nature, ALSIFLEX brings comfort and innovation to any workwear role. From manufacturing to automotive, construction to transportation, healthcare to hospitality, the ALSIFLEX workwear collection is available in styles to suit everyone.





Containing polyester of pre-and post-consumer waste and biobased fibres from renewable field sources.


Sourced from recognised purchase programs that help reduce environmental impact and support agricultural cooperatives with knowledge, training and controls.

Minimum of 25% weft stretch

Excellent shape recovery

Emits 2/3 less CO2 eq than one of our comparable conventional workwear fabrics

A comfortable stretch technology helps your team perform better

For years, we have known that stretch clothing has allowed athletes to perform better by offering much greater freedom of movement and comfort. We all love wearing it, whether we’re in the gym, in outdoor sports or at home. So at work, why would we continue to wear old-fashioned, restrictive and uncomfortable clothing that really makes each shift feel like it lasts forever?

This is why we invented ALSIFLEX®

It’s all about making the right choices for Our People and Our Planet - Introducing sustainable clothing has not only helped us evolve as an organisation but also ensures our colleagues look good, feel great and can move freely and know we have made good ethical choices that will really make a difference

Andrew Yeaman

Alsiflex benefits

how ALSIFLEX can help you

Lifting, bending, working hard in demanding environments, battling to make it through the day. While the clothes we wear, the stuff that is closest to our skin, don’t feel like it supports us. Frustrating, to say the least. However, frustration is a great motivator for innovation. Because only when you don’t like the old, do you invent something new. And that’s how the idea for ALSIFLEX was born.

We knew we needed a way to tackle the threefold problem: how to get a durable stretch fabric that allows you to move freely, that is industrially launderable, and does less harm to the planet than traditional work clothing?

performance of ALSIFLEX

  • Permanent weft stretch 25% minimum.
  • Excellent shape recovery.
  • High performance and long lifetime.
  • Fit for industrial maintenance.
  • Moisture-wicking properties.
  • The twill weave makes the fabric robust, giving ALSIFLEX a long lifespan.
  • The structure and weaving method of the yarn limit the amount of microparticles entering the water system through washing.
  • The special fibre composition requires lower heat and drying time thus lowering the energy consumption.
  • Emits 2/3 less CO2 eq than our comparable conventional workwear fabric.

our secret?

We hired a top garment technologist from the fashion industry and after months of research and development, we cracked it. We developed a fabric technology with all the benefits found in the sportswear we all use. ALSIFLEX is a unique combination of polymer science, fiber and yarn construction and fabric finishing.  It’s extremely comfortable, it has incredible permanent stretch and an outstanding shape recovery, giving you the freedom to move.

By using the ALSIFLEX technology, we eliminate the need for elastane or Elastolefin-fibers making it easier to recycle them after use.

customer feedback

So when we made new garments in ALSIFLEX fabric and presented them to our customers they were delighted! In every single wearer trial we have carried out, we have seen the same pattern coming back: once a customer has tried on a garment in ALSIFLEX, they want nothing else.

So now you know why we developed ALSIFLEX. For us, it's all about working on solutions that make life better for people at work. 

Or as we like to put it: Our performance protects yours

performances & benefits

Our patented stretch yarn technology matches existing products on the market in heat performance.  It can be industrial washed at 75°C and tunnel dried, not losing any of the outstanding stretch performance.  However, the weft stretch performance is greater, at a minimum of 25% and has a much quicker shape recovery when compared to other products, therefore a much better shape retention performance.
Other products have a similar function but can only be washed at lower 60 deg temperatures.  Elastane and Lycra stretch fibres are not durable to industrial launder conditions.

Our innovative fiber technology lies at the heart of this breakthrough. Our experts pioneered this fabric that blends functionality with performance. Our secret? An unique combination of polymer science, fibre and yarn construction and fabric finishing. Producing ALSIFLEX, which has incredible permanent stretch and an outstanding shape recovery, eliminating the need for elastane or EOL fibers.

The stretch properties are permanent. Extensive testing, repeat industrial washing and our own wearer trials have proven that our fabric is suitable for industrial washing and will have the same stretch and shape retention performance throughout the lifetime of the garment.

No, the fabric composition maintains a natural fibre presence using cotton which helps to manage moisture. Additionally, the stretch yarn technology used has an inherent wicking property and the fabric is quicker drying. Therefor, the small increase in the overall polyester content is offset compared to a standard 65% polyester- 35% cotton workwear fabric.

protecting the planet

ALSIFLEX is manufactured using a blend of recycled polyester, renewable fibers and cotton from recognised programmes that help reduce environmental impact and support agricultural cooperatives with knowledge, training and controls.  This reduces the environmental impact as ALSIFLEX emits 2/3 less CO2 than our other comparable conventional workwear fabrics.  The majority of the carbon reduction calculated comes from the change of raw materials used.  There is also some carbon reduction in the amount of energy consumed during the dyeing and finishing processes, as lower temperatures are used.

The advantage of ALSIFLEX fabrics is that it contains no elastane or elastolefin fibers and can therefore be recycled as a conventional polyester/cotton blend. Currently, less than 1% of textile waste is industrially fiber-to-fiber recycled. By 2030, a large scale-up of fibre-to-fibre recycling is expected so that 70% of textile waste can be recycled closed loop. Alsico with the aRX initiative collects, via the garment collector, all end-of-life garments we produce with the intention of recycling in cooperation with a fiber-to-fiber program and close the loop of circularity.

The filament yarn structure in the ALSIFLEX technology reduces the amount of fiber shed (when compared to our conventional polyester/cotton fabrics) during washing, therefore reducing the number of microfibers which find their way back into our water systems, impacting the health of our natural world.

Alsico has a full traceable and verified certification for all the sustainable, renewable and recycled fibers used which includes Oeko-Tex and GRS certification.