Alsico is one of Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of workwear, covering many areas including protective, healthcare, cleanroom and emergency services. Founded in 1934 as a Belgian family business, it has grown to become a global business employing over 7000 people across 17 countries. Alsico maintains a constant focus on innovation and sustainable production, with high-quality protection and comfort as its guiding principles. Their brand promise is "Our performance protects yours", a sentiment that resonates strongly with PR agency Blyde Benelux. Guided by their mission of "creating a positive footprint worldwide," Blyde Benelux assists sustainable brands and social organizations in protecting the planet. Together, they are joining forces to make an even bigger positive impact on people and the planet.

Protection for wearer and surrounding

As alsico is a family business, now led by its fourth generation, brothers Vincent and Gauthier Siau, protection has always been part of the companies DNA, driving the passion to create a business that is built not only to develop garments that protect the wearer, but the world around us too. Through the alsico Academy, the organization continuously explores opportunities in sustainable fabric technology and design - creating workwear from clean, sustainable sources and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Their innovation-driven and deep-rooted protective approach, fuels the future of the business, giving clear pathways to developing the pioneering workwear of the future.

CO2 neutrality by 2040                                                 

By 2040, the company aims to be completely CO2 neutral and implement Living Wage+ across all alsico locations, emphasizing livable wages for employees. Vincent Siau, managing director of alsico: "Every employee has the right to feel good, look good, and be safe. That's what we're committed to, without jeopardizing future generations. Therefore, we don’t compromise on what matters and continually push the boundaries of innovation. You can only protect today if you also protect tomorrow. That responsibility never ends. That's why we've chosen Blyde Benelux as our partner, because they recognize the need for a long-term investment where people are at the forefront."

Own supply chain

To ensure constant oversight of the working conditions of their own employees and the quality and delivery of products, alsico manufactures from its own factories (more than 20 worldwide). This allows alsico to deliver bespoke and complex solutions for the most demanding workwear requirements. Working in collaboration with its clients, the teams at alsico assess the needs, requirements, and preferences. Creating unique and bespoke garments that conform to client brand, protective needs and wearability demands.

Alsico supplies many markets — from providing workwear for the entire English National Health Service (NHS) to suits and workwear for NASA. Their near 100 years in business has allowed them to develop high-quality garments that cross transport and logistics, global holiday brands, the military, large-scale food preparation and entire country police services.

Shared mission

To increase alsico's brand awareness, the company has partnered with PR and campaign agency Blyde Benelux. Both parties are pioneers in the field of impact entrepreneurship, driven to create a lasting positive impact. Lorette der Kinderen, founder of Blyde Benelux: "For alsico, it's so natural for them to take responsibility for their actions and what that means for everyone and everything around them. We can't wait to share more about this with the world and inspire other entrepreneurs with it."