In many industries, workwear is still synonymous with heavy, restrictive and uncomfortable clothing. At alsico, we are working every day to change this.

We know that today’s workforce has a significant range of diverse needs, even those operating in the same industry – and uniform must be developed to meet them. For teams working across many environments, one of the most important properties in their uniform is the freedom of movement that it facilitates. In physically-demanding roles, workers cannot afford to be limit by rigid fabrics or uncomfortable when bending into positions to carry out their responsibilities. Not only does this put the comfort of the wearer at risk, it can also lead to performance issues or accidents if the worker cannot complete the movement required for that particular task.

At alsico, we research and develop solutions that enable workers to conduct their roles to their best of their abilities. Therefore, when we identified a gap for uniforms that offered stretch, comfort and durability with a clear consideration for the environment – we jumped at the opportunity to deliver the solution.

How was ALSIFLEX® developed?

The ALSIFLEX® technology was developed by our global team of internal experts who form the alsico academy. Together, the team examine market research and insights from their partnerships with stakeholders (e.g. customers, wearers, suppliers and institutions) to develop solutions that truly meet wearer’s needs today. The properties of sportswear were used as inspiration for the level of comfort and flexibility that uniform powered by ALSIFLEX® technology should provide.

However, in addition to wearer protection and comfort, the alsico academy also prioritises the group’s commitment to becoming NetZero+ by 2040. Therefore, a key part of the ALSIFLEX® technology’s development was assessing the fabrics that it would be built into and how they would perform in terms of sustainability.

Following months of research, development and testing, the Alsico Academy cracked it, and ALSIFLEX® technology was created.

What is ALSIFLEX® technology?

The technology represents an innovative blend of polymer science, fibre, yarn construction and fabric finishing. It delivers unparalleled stretch and shape retention which is built into alsico fabrics, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort for wearers.


What are the benefits?

  • Stretch

ALSIFLEX® technology offers unrivalled weft stretch performance, which exceeds that of competitors by a minimum of 25%. Not only has the patented technology been engineered to offer high stretch, but it also delivers rapid shape recovery ensuring outstanding retention of shape for garments. This means that workwear created with fabrics powered by ALSIFLEX facilitate flexibility and superior freedom of movement, as well as retaining their original fit.


  • Durability 

Not only does ALSIFLEX® meet the thermal performance standards of existing market products but also excels in durability, withstanding industrial washing at 75°C and tunnel drying without compromising its remarkable stretch qualities, while similar products are limited to washing at temperatures no higher than 60°C. Competitors may also incorporate elastane or Lycra fibres that falter under industrial laundering conditions, where fabrics powered by ALSIFLEX® do not. Through rigorous testing and extensive wearer trials, we have confirmed that our fabric maintains its exceptional stretch and shape retention capabilities throughout the garment's lifespan, even if subjected to repeat industrial laundering.


  • Sustainability

The technology is produced from a sustainable mix of recycled polyester, renewable fibres, and cotton sourced from programs that help reduce environmental impact and support agricultural cooperatives. This composition enables ALSIFLEX® to generate two-thirds less CO2 emissions compared to traditional workwear fabrics, primarily due to the shift in raw materials used in production.

Additionally, the process of dyeing and finishing ALSIFLEX® consumes significantly less energy, thanks to the use of lower temperatures, further contributing to its carbon footprint reduction.


Where will you find our ALSIFLEX technology?

ALSIFLEX’s exceptional stretch and durable nature makes it incredibly versatile and ideal for use across many industries. From manufacturing to automotive, construction to transportation, healthcare to hospitality, our ALSIFLEX® technology has powered workwear across a wide range of environments. 

We recently launched our performance fabrics, monviso and makulu, which are both powered by ALSIFLEX® technology. Named after mountains to symbolise strength and endurance, each fabric has unique benefits, as well as the signature stretch properties of the technology.

Monviso is a revolutionary fabric powered by the cutting-edge ALSIFLEX® technology that redefines comfort, performance and sustainability in workwear. Made from a blend of recycled and biobased fibres, Monviso showcases all the benefits of the ALSIFLEX® technology, including superior comfort, unrestricted movement, excellent shape retention and impressive moisture-wicking capabilities.

Makulu is a groundbreaking fabric which revolutionises comfort, performance and sustainability in high-visibility workwear. As well as offering the benefits of ALSIFLEX® technology, makulu also has the additional advantage of providing users with safety in dark surroundings.