DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain partners with Alsico for sustainable workwear, powered by ALSIFLEX® reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing worker comfort across diverse industries, aligning with their Net Zero objectives.

the situation

DHL Supply Chain, part of the DPDHL Group, is the world’s leading contract logistics provider. The organisation offers a number of value-added and management services with traditional fulfilment and distribution across a number of business sectors, providing customers with integrated logistics solutions to drive efficiency and improve the quality of their service.

DHL Supply Chain is committed to ensuring that its customers’ supply chain operations are clean, green and safe and assisting them in their missions to reach their own sustainability targets. This commitment also exists in DHL Supply Chain’s internal operations. As a sustainability leader in their industry, DHL has consistently led by example, from pioneering the first green logistics product to becoming the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target. As part of this commitment, the organisation has confirmed its aspiration to offer green alternatives for 100% of all core products and solutions by 2030, including offering fully sustainable uniforms to its customers and employees.

Case Study


In line with these objectives, DHL Supply Chain has been searching for a workwear provider that it could partner with to achieve its green targets. Due to the nature of their work, a solution that was durable, comfortable and versatile enough to be worn by workers across multiple different industries was just as essential as the sustainability credentials.

Making these requirements clear to Alsico during discussions, Alsico presented ALSIFLEX®.

Whilst ticking the sustainability box by emitting two-thirds less CO2 than any other comparable workwear fabrics, with a minimum 25% weft stretch the fabric also offered the needed movement and durability for the variety of work undertaken by DHL Supply Chain and their customers across multiple industries.

With confidence in the sustainability and performance of the ALSIFLEX® fabric, DHL initiated a trial of the ALSIFLEX® trousers both internally and externally, through one of their public sector customers. The first round saw 50 pairs trialled within DHL and 500 pairs were tested by their customer.

We know that Alsico do things correctly and our compliance team found that the ALSIFLEX was the real deal when it comes to sustainability

Case Study


Following the initial stages of the trial, DHL Supply Chain were very happy with the performance of the ALSIFLEX® fabric and requested some adjustments that were required to the design of the trouser to further suit the needs of DHL and its customer’s diverse workforce. These adjustments included changes to the size block and the waistband of the trousers, with the intention of making them adaptable for its colleagues.

Following the adjustments, both trials were then scaled up, with another 500 pairs of trousers being trialled by DHL and another 2,000 pairs within their customer’s organisation. The trials were in place for 3 months, before the decision was made to fully roll out the trousers across both organisations.

Andrew Yeaman, Procurement Operations Director at DHL Supply Chain said, “Alsico are one of the best suppliers that we use from an agility point of view. They listened to the feedback and were able to quickly update the uniform to better suit the needs of our staff.”

Alsico are one of the best suppliers that we use from an agility point of view.

Case Study

the future

Following the success of the trials, ALSIFLEX trousers have since been rolled out on mass across DHL Supply Chain. Also, satisfied with the performance of the trousers, DHL Supply Chain’s public sector customer who also trialled the trousers are currently planning to roll out the trousers this summer across its workforce.

DHL Supply Chain is also exploring how it can incorporate the wider ALSIFLEX range into its uniform portfolio, to further support its work towards its Net Zero objectives by having fully sustainable workwear.