Alsico, a leading name in workwear solutions, proudly announces its evolution into one global brand, marking a significant milestone in its journey of excellence. The grand unveiling took place at the flagship A+A Exhibition in Düsseldorf, showcasing alsico's commitment to innovation and setting new standards in the workwear industry.

The global rollout of alsico's new brand will continue with prominent appearances at the Advanced Engineering Show in Birmingham, followed by Nursing Live in November. This strategic approach reflects alsico's dedication to engaging with diverse industries and presenting its latest innovative workwear solutions.

At these exhibitions, the alsico team is excited to invite attendees to explore the next chapter of alsico and delve into the details of their groundbreaking fabric stretch technology, Alsiflex®. This technology represents a leap forward in comfort and performance, embodying alsico's ethos of blending innovation seamlessly with functionality in the realm of workwear.

Alsico is thrilled to announce the release of its new corporate video. The video provides a visual representation and offers a unique insight into alsico's commitment to creating exceptional workwear. It emphasizes alsico's mission of setting new standards for excellence and reinforcing the brand promise of "our performance protects yours." It also showcases alsico's dedication to quality and innovation, highlighting the journey towards excellence.

"We're thrilled to present a clear, consistent, and powerful message to our team, and we're now eager to share it with our customers," said Gauthier Siau, CEO at alsico. "This video encapsulates our commitment to excellence, and we invite everyone to join us in this exciting new chapter of alsico's journey."