For many procurement teams, ordering uniforms for large and diverse teams can be a complete headache. With so many individuals to cater for, each with different roles and requirements, as well as fits and sizes, all needing uniform at different times, it can feel like a never-ending task. 

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs. After listening to customer feedback on the ordering process, we set out to make this part of the job easier. 

The solution: our very own online ordering portal. We have developed a comprehensive digital platform, which has been designed by our in-house experts to enhance the customer journey. 

So, whether your organisation wants to empower individual wearers to be able to take control of their uniform requirements, or help its procurement team manage orders more efficiently, unlocking the benefits of our online portal could be the key to success. 

how it works?

When logged in to the portal, users can be presented with imagery of the wardrobe available to them, based on their role, for them to choose from. There is also the option to view the technical data of a chosen product including care instructions and construction details to aid the selection choice. This saves valuable time trawling through options which aren’t suitable and ensures uniforms are cohesive and fit for purpose.

Once all products have been chosen in the correct sizes, users are then taken through a simplified checkout process. Users can simply select their pre-defined delivery address, review their order summary and confirm their order. The journey does not stop there though, users can access their order history on the portal at any point and view what they ordered, shipment status, and tracking information once their order has been despatched.

digital sizing tool & live chat

One of the major benefits of the portal is our digital sizing tool. Users can enter their body metric data and then, through an algorithmic calculation in the system, be presented with a recommended size, saving time trying on multiple sizes and potentially having to return items. Size charts can also be uploaded to the portal so users can simply view sizing information relevant to the product.

The system has been designed to simplify the uniform buying process, however, if support is needed a live chat system is available to assist users with any queries they may have during the transaction.

Additional features for procurement teams

Users can be granted different levels of permissions. Whilst the process outlined above is suitable for individuals looking to order their own uniforms, the portal also has more advanced administrative capabilities for procurement team members.

Admin users will also have access to a dashboard which allows them to manage user permissions, view and export order details, tag products by job roles and handle ad hoc order placements so that they can oversee the process across the organisation. The interface can also be branded to align with your organisation's visual identity.

How is the portal accessed?

Depending on the needs of your organisation, there are a few ways that the portal can be accessed. One is via your web browser, with each user receiving their own personalised invitation email enabling them to create their own password and directing them to a wardrobe of items and allocations fit for their role. Where procurement teams will be solely managing the orders, the system can also be accessed directly through the procurement system PunchOut and is PEPPOL compliant.


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