As we approach the Care England 2024 Conference on 14th March, alsico is excited to participate as an exhibitor. Our team will be available at stand 17, presenting our latest innovations in workwear.

Highlighting the advancements in our Monviso performance fabric and the groundbreaking ALSIFLEX® technology, we're set to showcase the significant benefits these bring in enhancing uniform comfort, protection, and eco-friendliness for healthcare workers.

Modern care sector uniforms must support the dual needs of safety and comfort, enabling professionals to perform in high-stress environments while maintaining their professional identity.

They require materials that offer flexibility and adaptability for diverse movements, ensuring comfort over extended, demanding periods.

Equally important, these uniforms must withstand the rigors of frequent wear and washing, balancing cost-effectiveness with durability to meet the stringent budget constraints typical within the care industry.

Greg Houlston, Head of Sales (Direct) at Alsico UK shared what readers can expect to hear about on the stand:

“We understand the pressure that the care sector is currently under, and how the increasing need for adult social care will impact this further in the coming years. Although the care role is not going to become any less physically and mentally demanding overnight, we want to ensure that care professionals are provided with the best uniforms to keep them protected and comfortable.

This is our first year exhibiting at the Care England Conference and we are really excited to speak with you about the research and development that has gone into our latest innovations to ensure they meet the needs of today’s care professional.

In addition to the physical and laundry requirements of today’s uniform, we look forward to discussing your sustainability targets and how uniform can play a big role in your strategy.”