we all have the right to breathe

we all have the right to breathe

In cleanrooms around the world people work on innovations that improve our lives. But since Annex 1 requires that facial skin should be covered at all times, the working circumstances inside those cleanrooms have become even more challenging.

Don’t you agree these people deserve an innovation that improves their working lives?

Cyclop® benefits

improved productivity

The steady flow of fresh air drastically lowers the CO₂ levels and moderates the temperature and humidity inside the suit.

Resulting in more flexible shifts, much higher comfort and a lower bacterial growth.

a combination of innovations

cyclop® consists of a cleanroom suit with a goggles unit directly integrated into it, in combination with a ventilation circuit.

All risks of skin exposures are eliminated, vision remains crystal clear at all times and operators work in comfort-levels never experienced before in the cleanroom industry!

a breath of fresh air

The Swiss engineered cyclop® A1 ventilation circuit is a breath of fresh air compared to existing ventilation solutions. It is much lighter (386g including battery), quieter (<55dB at full speed) and is designed more ergonomically, thanks to the positioning next to the hip bone. The airflow can be controlled using a touchless connection (sterile) with an NFC chip in the sleeve of the suit.


  • Resistant to 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Sterile control (NFC chip)
  • Noise signal for speed change and ON | OFF
  • Li-ion battery (8hrs operating time)

panoramic view

The cyclop® panoramic goggles are integrated in the coverall. This eliminates all risks of skin exposure and it also guarantees more comfort and easier gowning.

The 3-part system provides a low pressure point on the face and allows wearing your own personal glasses underneath. The platinum coating on both sides of the visor avoids condensation and scratches.

  • Easier gowning (less contamination points)
  • Autoclavable (121 °C)
  • Traceable with RFID
  • Certified EN166 - ANSI 2015

why we developed cyclop®

Annex 1 demands a new approach to cleanroom clothing. One that eliminates the risk of skin exposure at all times. But this has consequences for the comfort and the health of the cleanroom operators. At alsico it is our mission to improve the lives of people at work. Without compromise.

So, we saw it as our task to develop a solution that would be both compliant to Annex 1 and good for the people who wear it. With cyclop® we believe we made a giant step forward in comfort, focus & visibility for the cleanroom worker. Try it out yourself and you will be convinced!

easy does it

cyclop® makes gowning surprisingly easy and time saving.

With limited contamination points the cleanroom operator is fully dressed and ready for work. Extensive research went into the garment design of the cyclop® suit, the body box test results & CFU count are excellent.


cyclop® is a completely reusable system with high recyclability rate of the components.

Even more, for every cyclop® A1 you purchase we plant a tree with our reforestation partner Goforest.

Because the planet has the right to breathe as well.

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