Thanks to our extensive experience in designing and producing high-quality workwear for various commercial roles, we can supply an end-to-end workwear solution for your business.
We thrive on tackling the complex and challenging, using our nearly 100 years of experience to solve the most ambitious of projects.

delivering workwear for everyone across your organisation

Specialists in delivering high-volume, complex workwear solutions for companies that need to stand out.


wearer protection

Protection is weaved into every part of alsico, we build it into everything we do and it drives our every decision. Our protective clothing range covers all high-safety sectors.



We are one of the leading healthcare uniform suppliers in the world, our UK division covers the majority of the UK healthcare market and is the preferred supplier to the NHS.



At alsico, we have shown excellence in a wide range of workwear environments, ranging from police forces to global travel companies and from transportation to construction.


contamination control

We have cleanroom specialism across Europe and the USA, providing garments and uniforms that deliver outstanding performance when safety is paramount.



Our passion for creating innovative fabrics has positioned us as a key supplier in this exciting new sector, from battery companies to aerospace, to all anti-static environments.


emergency response

We are always honored to be asked to provide workwear for our emergency services teams. We put our trust in them to help to look after us, and we do our very best in return, delivering performance when it matters.

For all environments

Specialists in workwear for your entire organisation

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high performance workwear for the most demanding environments

Alsico provides workwear that delivers outstanding performance in the harshest conditions. Utilising our own fabric technology and innovative fabrics we ensure that you will always be protected no matter the environment you're in.

If you would like to speak to a member of our global sales team about your project, please get in touch.