Our hard-wearing workwear clothing range offers quality uniforms for hardworking people. Ensuring excellent value, highest quality, flexible fabrics, durability and ultimate comfort. Supplying the right garments to fit your working environment, whatever your role, is our area of expertise, allowing you to focus on yours.


clothing for all workwear environments

Our outerwear solutions ensure warmth without sacrificing ease of movement and comfort, making it ideal for multiple work conditions.

corporate wear

Our garments prioritise durability and safety for unrestricted movement and can be customized to reflect your brand identity.


Our workwear trousers and shorts combine durability and comfort for a perfect fit, whatever your industry.

food & retail

Food preparation in a workwear environment demands superior quality, high durability, and comfort for long shifts in the kitchens.


From lightweight jackets to heavy-duty coats, our workwear collection keeps you protected and comfortable in all conditions.


Our casual clothing ensures a blend of comfort, style, and durability, bridging the gap between work and leisure.


Our outerwear solution offers warmth without sacrificing ease of movement and comfort, making it ideal for demanding work conditions.

we prioritise your comfort on the job

We know that comfort is crucial during long hours on the job. That's why our workwear is thoughtfully designed with features like breathable fabrics and ergonomic designs. We understand that when you feel comfortable, you perform at your best.

From tough construction sites to bustling warehouses, our workwear is built to withstand the rigors of your industry. It's not just clothing; it's an investment in long-lasting clothing that will stay with you day in and day out, ensuring your comfort and safety.


mastering workwear

We've dedicated ourselves to the art of crafting workwear that goes far beyond the ordinary.

Our clothing not only embodies quality and resilience but also serves as a powerful emblem of your team's professionalism. We understand that comfort is paramount, recognising that content, motivated workers perform at their very best.

Whether it's a demanding day on a construction site, a bustling shift in a warehouse, or any industry where performance is critical, our workwear is designed to foster unhindered movement, empowering your workforce to excel.

some of our specialist products

We have a range of hundreds of performance garments for all work environments. If you would like to see our full range, please get in touch with one of our environment specialists.

In addition to the high level of service that alsico offers, they produce beautiful sustainable collections that are very much in line with our vision for the future.

It is nice to work with the lovely passionate professionals of alsico who really pay attention to the customer and end user.

People & Planet are very important to us and hopefully, we will continue to do many great projects together. Team Bright Workwear is very much looking forward to that!

Sales & Marketing Director Bright Workwear

professional garments with ease and comfort

We specialise in crafting garments that seamlessly blend ease and comfort. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every piece is designed to elevate your work experience, setting a new standard in professional apparel.


workwear solutions for all

Our workwear is popular with various industries due to the range’s versatility, expert finishes and fabrics, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. These include uniforms for the automotive, distribution and engineering industries, as well as workwear clothing for builders and many more.

If you’re interested in speaking to our team about becoming a customer, please contact us on

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