We're not just a workwear provider; we are innovators dedicated to pushing boundaries and engineering clothing that redefines excellence across multiple environments.


what is innovation?

Innovation is the dynamic process of introducing novel ideas, technologies, or methods that bring about significant positive change.

It thrives on creativity and problem-solving, challenging conventional norms to drive progress and enhance the way we live, work, and interact.

At its core, innovation embodies the relentless pursuit of improvement and the courage to envision a better future. At alsico, we are committed to a continual search for new fabrics, better, more comfortable clothing, and higher protection and safety for the wearers.


the alsico academy

Our alsico academy was created to explore what is possible in sustainable fabric technology and design, never compromising and believing passionately that there is another way. Founded on two ambitious pillars: Sustainable Development and Tech/Fabric/Garment Innovation. We are driven to pioneer, to experiment, to fail, but to ultimately conquer. Creating new technologies that power our own fabric ranges, performance fabrics that allow us to create garments that excel, making life better and safer for people at work, whilst doing everything we can to be as sustainable as possible. We firmly believe it is our responsibility as a global business to do everything we can to not only protect the workers of the world, but to ensure the world we all live in is protected too.


meet the team

Our team has a long history of creating some of the most innovative fabrics and products.

From developing cutting-edge fabric technologies that prioritise comfort and safety to meticulously designing garments that blend style with function, our team's commitment to innovation is unwavering. They thrive on the challenges that come with creating workwear that not only meets industry standards but sets new benchmarks for excellence.

They ensure that our brand's promise, "Our performance protects yours," is not just a slogan but a commitment to safeguarding the wearers and helping businesses achieve the extraordinary.

Naiomi B

Raw Material & R&D Expert

Naiomi is an expert in fabric development and research, with a wealth of experience in creating innovative textiles that prioritise comfort, safety, and sustainability. Her expertise drives our continuous quest for better, more advanced workwear solutions.

With over 29 years of hands-on experience in fabric development, Naiomi has been instrumental in using pioneering ground-breaking sciences to develop our fabrics and clothing. Her tireless commitment to innovation has not only improved the comfort and functionality of our garments but has also enhanced the overall performance of the individuals who wear them.

Naiomi's passion for raw material and textile science is matched only by her dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. She thrives on the challenges that come with creating sustainable fabrics that are both protective and comfortable.

Alex Lievens

Raw Material & CE Expert

After finishing a master's in Textiles, Alex started his career as an R&D manager in a spinning mill. First for carpet yarns and later also for technical yarns. His interest in PPE was raised at that time and after 7 years he continued his expertise by doing R&D for a weaving, dyeing, and finishing mill active in the PPE sector before going to the next stage in the process: manufacturing work and protective wear.

He uses his 30 years of experience throughout the value chain to develop and certify personal protection with an emphasis on comfort and functionality as he believes that making PPE garments more comfortable for the wearer will result in correct wearing and protecting the individual. He tries to develop what users want and bring added value to them.

Making the choice for alsico was easy as they have the DNA for sustainable developments and social responsibilities, values he shares with the company. Being an expert means also supporting the sector to share knowledge where he’s an active member on the board of the Belgian Federation Febelsafe responsible for education and chairman of the working group Care4Safe.

Veerle Vandeweege

Marketing Manager Fabrics

Veerle embarked on her dynamic career journey spanning 17 years in the industrial laundry sector. Her role evolved from providing exemplary customer service to leading the procurement of professional workwear. This is where her deep-rooted passion for textiles and sustainability was born.

Driven by a desire to further expand her knowledge within the textile industry, Veerle transitioned to The Witte Lietaer, where she deepened her expertise in textile technologies and fabrics.

Inspired by alsico's unwavering commitment to its mission and dedication to sustainability, Veerle made the strategic decision to join the team. With her extensive background and passion for making a positive impact, Veerle is poised to leverage her expertise to drive sustainable practices and make a meaningful difference.

As a firm believer in the power of collaboration and innovation, Veerle is eager to contribute her unique insights and expertise to support alsico's sustainability goals and help shape a more sustainable future for the textile industry.

Jo Van Landeghem

Sustainability & Education Manager

Jo grew up in the former family knitwear factories in Sint-Niklaas, sparking at a very young age his fascination for everything involving designing, manufacturing, and repairing quality products.

Unfortunately during the last decades, the global industry evolved from sustainable "quality products buying" to unsustainable "product price buying", triggering his passion to help make the industry sustainable again.

So throughout his career path, he purposely went through all possible industry steps to better understand all the crucial roles/jobs we all have when we procure, design, manufacture, inspect, market, repair, and recycle quality products.

With those new insights, he started focusing on sustainability and how to create impact. “Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”

Hence this path has led to alsico where we rethink our products, the materials that we use, the manufacturing techniques, the energy we use, the way we use products during their lifetime, the impact we have on our employees' daily lives, and many more aspects that will ensure there is a tomorrow for all of us.

Pauline Latruwe

Sustainability & Education Coordinator

Pauline graduated as a fashion technologist in Gent. That’s where her interest in product quality in the workwear and PPE industry ignited. She started her career at the Belgian federation of companies active in fashion, clothing and manufacturing. There she gave industry-related advice on quality, safety and sustainability topics.

She mainly worked on public procurements for governance instances. She was writing the technical file and setting requirements, evaluating the entries and production.

Pauline believes that with quality comes sustainability. It’s not a checkbox for a company but needs to be intertwined within every process. Alsico has that mindset. And with alsico striving to be the voice of the industry it was only logical to want to be part of this team and make a change.

Simon Iredale

Group Marketing Director

Simon began his journey in design and marketing back in the late 80’s when he set up his first design company in the UK. After moving to London in the 90’s he began working on some of the UK’s largest brands on their first digital exposure. Brands such as easyJet, TESCO, Sainsbury’s, Worldpay, the V&A and Virgin Music. After a short spell as digital marketing manager for Sony Music Europe, he returned to the North to set up one of the leading digital and creative agencies in the area, running it for over 17 years. Simon is passionate about brand and message, ensuring all company efforts are aligned and consistent. He believes success for companies of all sizes stems from simplicity of message, consistent brand and an enviable reputation. His role at alsico is to oversee all design and marketing actives globally. 


how do we innovate?

Our innovation process is driven by a commitment to exploring uncharted territory. We constantly seek new horizons and embrace the art of the possible.

Through creative thinking and problem-solving, we challenge the status quo, pushing boundaries and revolutionising the workwear industry. We believe in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.


performance fabrics

Welcome to alsico performance fabrics, a division of alsico, a leading workwear company with almost a century of expertise. Our garments prioritize both protection and comfort, supported by our internal alsico academy. This team of experts specializes in fabric technology, sustainability, and garment design, creating pioneering solutions for various work environments. These innovations power our performance fabrics, ensuring garments that are technically superior, comfortable, flexible, and provide essential protection.

We exist to make life better for people at work, without jeopardizing future generations.

Never compromising on what matters and continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. Enabling our belief that every worker has the right to feel good, look good and be safe.

Starting at the brand promise, we have to perform in all we do to deliver the protection the wearers of the world need in their daily lives. We work alongside this to ensure we are acting as sustainably as possible to ensure we also protect the world around us.

The academy is central to this purpose, working on sustainability goals, innovative technology and outstanding garments that change people’s working lives.


the future

Our journey into the future is guided by a relentless pursuit of progress. We envision a world where workwear is more than just attire; it's a symbol of empowerment.

Through innovation, we aim to create workwear that not only meets your needs but elevates your performance. Together, we'll build a future where excellence is the norm, and every challenge is an opportunity.

In this exciting future, we anticipate even greater collaboration with our valued customers and partners. Your insights and needs will continue to inspire us as we develop workwear solutions that excel in both form and function.

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