wearer protection

Protection is the heart of everything we do as a business

Our company was founded on creating garments that protect people at work. This foundation has enabled us to become one of the largest workwear companies in the world, with specialisms across all areas.


leading the way in protective garments for nearly 100 years

Protective workwear stands as an essential safeguard in numerous industries, serving as a formidable barrier against potential hazards and ensuring the safety and well-being of workers. Whether it's flame-resistant attire for those in the energy sector, high-visibility vests for construction personnel, or chemical-resistant suits in laboratories, this specialized clothing shields individuals from a spectrum of dangers. By providing a shield against burns, impacts, chemicals, and other potential risks, protective workwear significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Beyond the physical protection it offers, such garments also contribute to mental reassurance, allowing employees to focus on tasks with enhanced confidence. In essence, the utilisation of appropriate protective workwear not only demonstrates a company's commitment to the welfare of its workforce but also cultivates a culture of safety where employees can perform their duties with reduced apprehension, fostering both productivity and peace of mind.


Stay seen and secure with our high-visibility solutions, designed to keep workers visible and protected in environments such as railways, roads, docks, airports, and construction.

electricity and arc flash

Our clothing, tailored to specific risk levels, offers significant protection, enhancing safety in industries where Arc Flash incidents are prevalent, minimising the risk of serious burns and injuries.

fire, heat, and welding

Burning hot embers, sparks and fire should never touch the skin of a human, our high-performance, FR and Welding protection garments are essential for workers in these environments.

rain and cold

Rain and cold weather workwear is pivotal in ensuring safety and comfort in challenging conditions, ensuring workers across diverse industries can perform their tasks safely and efficiently.


Chemical-resistant attire is necessary for protecting workers from hazardous substances in various industries. Alsico's reliable protective clothing creates a secure barrier against potentially harmful chemicals, prioritizing workplace safety.

molten metals

Protective solutions to ensure your team's safety from molten metal hazards, ensuring maximum-level protection against various metals, including zinc, nickel, and lead, ensuring your team's safety.

anti-static / ESD

Industries where electrostatic discharge poses a threat require anti-static/ESD garments. These specialized garments prevent static electricity buildup during sensitive operations, providing a crucial line of defense for worker safety.

From FR protective garments and food trade clothing to office workwear, we specialise in superior fabric technology to maximise comfort, stretch and professionalism. Alsico has been a European leader in workwear clothing manufacture for almost a century. Experience is reflected in the very quality of our garments and the holistic customer service we foster.

some of our specialist products

From our protective workwear products to our premium ALSIFLEX® fabric stretch technology, we’re the benchmark for providing durable, reliable and comfortable work clothing without sacrificing your safety at work. We have a range of hundreds of performance garments for all work environments. If you would like to see our full range, please get in touch with one of our environment specialists.

Alsiflex - comfort stretch technology

The mastery of past generations, the innovation of modern fabric technology

At alsico, we innovate to elevate.

We may have perfected the foundations of quality workwear across a multitude of trade sectors, but we don’t stop there.

We have a fierce interest in finding better workwear solutions that not only respond to the demands of climate change but also the demands of different workwear environments.

We are investing in new sustainable stretch technology that not only looks after you, but looks after our planet too.

setting a new standard in wearer protection

Caring for every member of your team, dressing the environment with bespoke safety and protective workwear.

protective clothing to keep your employees safe

However hazardous your working conditions, our protective clothing won’t let you down. Manufactured using the most technically advanced skills and fabrics available. Our garments are protective, comfortable and meet the needs of a wide range of industries including uniforms for welding, oil, engineering, and railway safety wear.

complete protection

Our complete range of protective workwear is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding job. Garments are manufactured to provide protection in a number of situations:

Limited protection from chemical splash, including sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Withstanding radiant heat, flame and sparks from the arc, plus protection against Code E molten metals, using technical fabrics including Nomex® and Protal® for superior results.

Anti-static protection, preventing electrostatic charge accumulating when flammable materials or sensitive electronics are present, including protection for ISO Class 3 cleanrooms. Cleantec fabric eliminates fibre shedding.

innovation and premium quality

We deliver around 18 million garments annually. Years of experience and knowledge have allowed us to blend innovation, expertise, and premium quality to manufacture our specialist protective ranges. With a combination of global market knowledge and bespoke services tailored to our customers, we deliver the protective clothing you need, so you can buy in complete confidence.

Alsiflex is a great product to work with. It makes us happy when we can offer it and our customers are perhaps even happier when they purchase it. The biggest gain, rightly so, lies with the wearers and, of course, planet earth. We love to work with alsico. Alsico is a reliable partner and professional expert. The introduction of the innovative Alsiflex only confirmed this feeling and made us even more enthusiastic.

CEO - Kattenburg-Weenink

wearer Protection

meeting your needs

When it comes to workwear that protects you, we believe you need protection against multiple potential hazards. That’s why our ranges use fabrics and techniques to create multi-protect garments that do the job whether you’re exposed to heat and flame or chemical splash. We also design various garments with high-visibility fabric so your protective clothing at work keeps you visible and able to work safely.

Made from premium fabrics and manufactured to meet EN ISO 20471:2013 standards, our protective clothing combines protection, durability and comfort, as well as being able to withstand repeated industrial laundering.

Wearer Protection

why choose us?

We believe in delivering cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs. Use our bespoke service to find the protective workwear range that will meet the exact needs of your workforce. In fact, more than 50% of the garments we create are tailor-made to our customer’s requirements. Meaning you get the workwear you want; at the price you like. With a wide range of available customisations, attention to detail and professionalism, we're the perfect partner and supplier.