From now on, all types of alsico workwear and protective clothing that the user considers as no longer needed can be sent back to us. We firmly believe that true circularity demands a comprehensive approach, addressing a product's entire life cycle from design and manufacturing to daily use, repairs, and recycling. As part of our dedication, we've implemented a policy to reclaim our products when they've served their purpose, enabling us to refine our eco-design strategies and contribute to a sustainable future. We have only one pre-condition, being that returned garments are clean so we can give them a valuable second life.

The clothing that meets these pre-conditions will be collected in our Valorisation Hub in Ronse. First, we check whether they can be reused as such or repaired after some minor repairs in our local repair center and put on offer via our Worked Wear program.

Clothes that only qualify for recycling are handled separately in our garment collector and sent to our preferred partners. They will valorise depending on the design for recycle what the next steps will be. These can be acoustic insulation or thermal insulation of our new products or turned into new fibres. Currently there are several pilot projects from design 4 disassembly to design 4 recycling ensuring that more is to follow in the near future.

Those companies that choose to return their clothing to us get an attestation stating the number of pieces delivered, their weight and the potential CO2 emissions saved.

Alsico has specialised in the design, manufacture and distribution of durable workwear for more than 80 years. Alsico Europe is part of alsico group. With more than 21 in-house production workshops, we are present in 10 countries and employ more than 7.200 enthusiastic employees. 

Our goal is to fully support the customer with a wide range of workwear / protective clothing by providing the best service, both in terms of quality and delivery.