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performance at its best

Our workwear solutions are at the forefront of technological and design innovation, offering unparalleled performance benefits to your team.

Our approach integrates ergonomic design with cutting-edge materials, ensuring each garment supports the wearer's needs for mobility, safety, and comfort.

Our commitment to functionality extends to every stitch and seam, guaranteeing workwear that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern workplaces.

From our early conversations with the Alsico team, we were happy with the pace of development and how quickly we were able to get a wearer trial underway. Working with Alsico was really easy and it was great to have a partner who had so much existing knowledge and ideas, because that allowed us to introduce brand-new features that are really useful for our team, and expedited the design process

Christian Torres
Brand Lead TUI


innovative solutions for modern challenges

Our dedication to innovation means providing you with workwear that provides a solution to the specific needs of your sector.

Through collaboration with experts and leveraging the latest in textile technology, we create workwear that not only addresses the challenges faced by modern professionals but also sets new trends.

This blend of innovation and practicality ensures that your team is equipped with workwear that supports their performance and promotes a positive brand image.


empowering your brand

Enhance your corporate identity with customisable workwear options.

Alsico helps you present a unified, professional image that reflects the quality of your services.

This tailored approach ensures that every piece of workwear not only meets the functional needs of your staff but also serves as a visual extension of your brand's values and commitment to quality.

Our process, designed to reflect your brand's values, allows for multiple customisation options. Choose from an extensive selection of fabrics, styles, and colours to match your brand perfectly.

Our expert team is on hand to guide you through the customisation process, ensuring a seamless integration of your brand identity with high-quality workwear.

Alsiflex - comfort stretch technology

The mastery of past generations, the innovation of modern fabric technology

At Alsico, we innovate to elevate.

We may have perfected the foundations of quality workwear across a multitude of trade sectors, but we don’t stop there.

We have a fierce interest in finding better workwear solutions that not only respond to the demands of climate change but also the demands of different workwear environments.

We are investing in new sustainable stretch technology that not only looks after you, but looks after our planet too.


case studies



Arco, a leading UK safety product provider, collaborated with alsico to provide clothing for BT Openreach engineers, featuring workwear powered by our ALSIFLEX® fabric stretch technology.


Scottish Ambulance Service

Scottish Ambulance Service selected Alsico's trousers powered by ALSIFLEX® for their durability, comfort, and sustainability, enhancing staff uniform performance.


TUI Group

TUI Group partnered with Alsico for innovative, sustainable uniforms for their staff, enhancing comfort, fit, and brand identity across global destinations.


DHL Supply chain

DHL Supply Chain partners with Alsico for sustainable workwear, powered by ALSIFLEX® reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing worker comfort across diverse industries, aligning with their Net Zero objectives.


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