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why alsico performance fabrics?

Humans have utilised fabrics and skins to protect their bodies for thousands of years. Protection from the cold, heat and the environments they found themselves in. From prehistoric early man using hardened animal hides and woven reeds to protect against predators, to the middle ages where blacksmiths forged molten metal into spears and armour. Protection is the most natural human instinct we possess, it’s programmed into our DNA.

A revolutionary fabric powered by the cutting-edge ALSIFLEX® technology that redefines comfort, performance and sustainability in workwear. Made from a blend of recycled and biobased fibres, monviso offers superior comfort, ensuring unrestricted movement with a minimum of 25% stretch. Further, monviso minimises its environmental footprint, boasts excellent shape retention, and exhibits impressive moisture-wicking capabilities.

Available in the following weights:
monviso 135, 150, 210 & 265

A groundbreaking high-visibility fabric powered by the advanced ALSIFLEX® technology, revolutionises comfort, safety in dark surroundings, performance and sustainability in workwear. Made from a blend of recycled and biobased fibres, makalu offers superior comfort, ensuring unrestricted movement with a minimum of 25% stretch. Additionally, makalu reduces its ecological impact, showcases outstanding shape recovery and demonstrates remarkable moisture-wicking properties.

Available in the following weights:
makalu 250

Unequalled comfort

Industrial launderable

Minimum of 25% stretch

Excellent shape recovery

Less environmental impact

Make the very best workwear possible, from the very best fabrics possible, as sustainably as possible.

Vincent Siau, Alsico EU Managing Director

our process

Is it the best it can be? What can we do to make it better?
What are the wearers wishing could be changed?

We are a garment making business. But that doesn't go far enough to explain our obsession. Our obsession with needing to create better. Our design teams first ask deep rooted questions, speaking to workers around the world about their experiences, does your garment protect? Do you feel safe? Is it comfortable, does it allow you to do your job to the best of your abilities?

Once we have the answers we can then begin researching and experimenting. Everything we do in garment creation is done in house, ensuring we control the entire journey from concept to delivery.


Starting at the makeup of fabrics, we explore the science behind anti static, anti bacterial, stretch, softness, fire retardency and high visibility.


We take our technologies and implement into our performance fabrics, creating sustainable and highly effective fabrics for hundreds of workplace environments.


Our design team take the fabric and create garments designed from our user research, trials and historical insights. Garments that perfrom and react in the way the worker expects, day in, day out.

Our most sustainable stretch technology


The ALSIFLEX® technology represents an innovative blend of polymer science, fibre and structure and fabric finishing. Offering unparalleled comfort, it boasts remarkable permanent stretch and shape recovery, giving you freedom to move. By using the ALSIFLEX® technology, we eliminate the need for elastane or Elastolefin-fibres, making it easier to recycle your garments after use.

Our clean room ready technology


ALSICLEAN is our premium cleanroom technology, engineered for unrivalled performance while prioritising comfort and improving the well-being of cleanroom personnel. Resilient to autoclaving, ALSICLEAN ensures cleanliness and reliability in sterile environments. With its filtration efficiency, ALSICLEAN captures particles, microbes and contaminants, maintaining the highest levels of purity in cleanrooms. Additionally, ALSICLEAN prevents static build-up creating a safer workspace by reducing harmful particle attraction.

some of our specialist products

We have a range of hundreds of performance garments for all work environments. If you would like to see our full range, please get in touch with one of our environment specialists.

featured products

want to look cool on the job?

This jacket seamlessly blends style with functionality.

unisex jacket

trousers that meet the demand of any task?

An ergonomically designed cargo trouser to help take the stress and strain off your body. Angled pockets allow easy access as well as loads of storage space meaning these trousers will not only be comfortable to wear but will function to assit you at work.

comfort fit cargo trousers

It's clear to see from the feedback that we are receiving that the ALSIFLEX® trousers are the right pair for our teams. It can be difficult to find an option that provides both the physical elements you need in terms of stretch and durability, but also looks at broader requirements such as the environmental considerations, so it’s been a really great fit for us

Kevin Devitt
Scottish Ambulance Service

bend and perform without restriction?

Feel the advantages of our monviso stretch garments providing you the comfort and the perfict fit you need throughout your working day.

featured products

be comfortable and fresh throughout your busy shift?

The spirit scrub tunic, made with our Monviso fabric, is designed for nurses constantly on the move, especially in warm environments, our fabric boasts excellent moisture-wicking properties. It efficiently absorbs moisture and utilises capillary action to push it towards the fabric's surface, allowing it to evaporate into the air.

spirit female v-neck scrub tunic

reduce the risk of releasing microparticles that could spread harmful substances?

Bacteria can attach to microparticles and thus spread through the air or via surfaces. With a filament yarn in the weft, which has a smooth and even structure, fewer microparticles are released than with traditional yarns.

hi-vis stretch trouser

experience the difference with our modern fit coverall?

A modern take on the traditional coverall. With the high stretch fabric, this coverall is slimmer and more comfortable than ever before but with all the functionality expected in a workwear product.

contrast stretch coverall

If you would like to speak to our team about our range of products, please get in touch with our experts at 01772 662500.

Case studies

local case studies



Arco, a leading UK safety product provider, collaborated with alsico to provide clothing for BT Openreach engineers, featuring workwear powered by our ALSIFLEX® fabric stretch technology.


Scottish Ambulance Service

Scottish Ambulance Service selected Alsico's trousers powered by ALSIFLEX® for their durability, comfort, and sustainability, enhancing staff uniform performance.


TUI Group

TUI Group partnered with Alsico for innovative, sustainable uniforms for their staff, enhancing comfort, fit, and brand identity across global destinations.


DHL Supply chain

DHL Supply Chain partners with Alsico for sustainable workwear, powered by ALSIFLEX® reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing worker comfort across diverse industries, aligning with their Net Zero objectives.